For many businesses, Internet, inter-branch and dedicated network connectivity lies at the very core of their company’s success strategy. The loss of such connectivity, however brief, can result in significant productivity and profit losses. As a result, more and more businesses today are protecting themselves with a solid business continuity, contingency and disaster recovery plan.


GEC’s wide range of Corporate solutions enables high quality, reliable, internet, backup and dedicated network connectivity designed to transcend the limitations of terrestrial connectivity. Ideal for a wide range of enterprises such as: Oil & Gas, Governments, Hospitals, Home Land Security, and more, GEC’s enterprise customers can feel secure in the knowledge their business will stay online – at all times.

Services Capabilities

  • High service availability & reliability, completely independent of landline infrastructure ensuring continues connectivity
  • when primary links fail
  • Variety of data rate packages – Supports mission critical data or all data traffic during primary link failure
  • Advanced QOS capabilities for differentiate and priorities data types
  • Varity of backup solutions to meet different customers needs


  • Easy to deploy
  • Always available, hot stand by link – eliminate the need to call us for activation each time the primary link fails.
  • No geographic boundaries
  • Seamless switchover to a backup network
  • Service configurations to match technical and budget requirements
  • 24/7 multilingual Technical Assistance Center including configuration changes
  • Engineering services for system integration