Ideal Markets

Enterprises with occasional large file transfers.

  • Daily/ Weekly backup systems
  • Video-conferencing/ Monthly Training/ Webinars

Oil & Gas/ Utilities

  • Large data transfers (seismic updates, exploration data).

Regional Maritime

  • Cruise ships/Luxury Yachts with seasonal BW requirements.
  • Occasional training/ video-conferencing/ telemedicine.

Military Networks

  • Regular intervals of large surveillance data streams or need for dedicated connectivity before an operation.

Remote Cellular Backhaul Connectivity.

  • Small BTS can start off with TDMA and switch to SCPC return once a constant traffic volume is reached.

Regional ISPs

  • Regional ISPs serving Internet cafes use TDMA for dynamic traffic requirements until they need constant traffic rural connectivity or IP communications is a powerful solution to deliver high-speed, connectivity enabling IP applications in any environment.
  • Accesibility Overcomes distance and environmental challenges; extends across oceans and skies.
  • Availibility Immediate; independent of terrestrial infrastructure.
  • Reliablity For operational continuity and emergency back up.
  • Portability Rapid and easy deployment.

GEC is leading IP-based satellite communications company providing hardware, software, and services that enable partners/Clients to optimize networks and profitably expand their business.

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