General Services

GEC offers a complete line of high-quality, high-performance Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions on VSAT enabling customers to increase productivity and profitability through IP technology. Through its comprehensive service offerings, we meet the requirements of businesses, online service providers, and telecommunications firms.

Our portfolio contains cost-effective IP-based services including Internet access – dedicated access from 32KBPS to 20MBPS speeds and even more if needed and wholesale Internet access provisioned for Internet E-commerce and online service providers.

We are committed to world-class customer service and support demonstrated by its outstanding customer service record, 24 x 7 coverage and local service and support.

Our Network Operations Centers and technical support staff offer customers individualized support for their business-critical Internet applications and provide proactive network monitoring 24 hours, 365 days per year worldwide.

Using our services, subscribers can implement the following rapidly:

  • iDirect Service
  • SCPC/SCPC Service
  • SCPC/DVB S2 Service
  • Mesh and Star Topology
  • Point to Point Solution
  • Point to Multipoint Solution
  • Raw and Managed Capacity
  • Point to Multi Point Solution
  • Cellular Backhaul & Broadcast
  • Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

Ideal for enterprise and mobility customers to lower their TCO, enable new service offerings and gain efficiencies.

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