Arabsat 5C 20°E

Arabsat-5C, a multi-mission satellite, will provide satellite capacity in both C-band and Ka-band frequencies at the Arabsat position 20°E for a wide range of satellite communications services.

  • The Arabsat 5C satellite covers Africa, Middle East, and Afghanistan.
  • Ability to target small-dish audiences and meet specialized service requirements.
  • VSAT platforms cost-effective.
  • iDirect X3
  • iDirect X5
  • Comtech CDM 570L-IP
  • Comtech CDM 625
  • Comtech CDM 750
  • Comtech CDM 840
  • Datum PSM 500
  • Datum PSM 500-L
  • Datum PSM 500-LT
  • Ipricot S600
  • Ipricot S1200
  • Ayecka SR1