Company Profile

Company Profile

Aware of the lean availability of Afghan resources in the country on one side and high potential of development on the other, we initiated the idea of mobilizing our resources to create the business at a national level in the field. To get off the ground it was deemed useful to carry out certain activities in collaboration with other similar companies in the industry. Later, on the maturity of circumstances, the company started working independently. The company has grown up and proudly extended its activities throughout the country and abroad.

Global Entourage Co. LTD (GEC) is registered with Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Communications, Business Licensing Department in Afghanistan and presently operates in Afghanistan.

GEC provides Information Communication and Technology Solutions, and the pertinent Equipment. GEC wishes to support the Vision of Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) for Telecommunications and IT growth in Afghanistan.

GEC Group is specialized in IT Infrastructure solutions, Telecommunications and Integrating Technology into Business Strategies and Business Processes.

GEC helps enterprises, government and private organizations to gain competitive advantages and achieve their goals with GEC’s collective suites of ICT Solutions, Products & Services. GEC has extensive experience in overall planning of ICT technologies. We work with our clients whether they are large Corporations or Government based companies to provide solutions unique to their environment, with high emphasis on security, availability, adaptability and compatibility. GEC strives to ensure that our clients are ready to embark on the very best that technology has to offer, with the special blend of academic and applied innovative experience as well as the business acumen. GEC wants to put itself as a solution partner to its clients.

GEC encompasses highly trained and skilled manpower. Products represent technology in a usable form. GEC considers products critical to any solution and therefore chooses and at times develops them after strict and comprehensive analysis and not only looks at their features and functions hut also at their long-term sustainability and the company’s leadership position in the Market. GEC also deploys the latest IT innovations to provide competitive edge services to clients across the region.

At GEC, we sift through the myriads of technology, cut the hype and bring relevant technologies to marketplace long before our competitors do. GEC has also been at the forefront of bringing new technologies to the marketplace, and we have maintained the relentless focus on customer service, quality and cost effectiveness without compromise. GEC is fully dedicated to providing the best and most cost-effective ICT solutions products and services. We help our customers realize the full potential of technology and generate value from their technology investments.

Work Experience

GEC has successfully implemented a variety of projects for a variety of clients across the country. Installation of VSAT equipment and establishment of connectivity to the world is one of our important achievements leading to full satisfaction of our clients of the initial performance in establishing and our efficiency and dedication to the maintenance of the systems at all times.

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